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Telford Cleaning is a site owned by Maid2Clean Telford servicing all your home domestic cleaning and ironing needs throughout the Telford area. Thank you for visiting our Telford Cleaning site, we hope you find it useful enough to patronise our service., or our main Mad2Clean Site are sites you can

use to arrange any residential cleaning service or ironing service for

your own home.

The Telford Cleaning domestic services market for private residential

households is that which we serve. We began Maid2Clean operations

in 1993 and our client base runs into many thousands and all in all,

we’ve conducted more than 2 million cleans to date. Between 1993

and today we have gained a strong national brand presence and have

also become an international played in the domestic cleaning market

in such countries as Canada, Ireland and Australia.

Maid2Clean Telford Cleaning can offer an agency service to homes

needing a few hours of regular cleaning each week.  We do not

compromise on standards and do our utmost to ensure that clients

are happy with the cleaners that we provide to them.

At Maid2Clean Telford cleaning, and throughout the Maid2Clean group of cleaning companies we encourage regular feedback from our residential client base in order that we can improve on every aspect of our business. We are proud to offer local cleaners regular work in the communities that we serve. In the UK alone that equates to jobs for tens of thousands of people each year.

Houses in Telford and the surrounding area regularly gather dust each week and the demand from our client base is such we can meet their need for cleaning or ironing services. Telford Cleaning Clients may have to wait a few days in order to receive a placement of the right cleaner for them. Maid2Clean Telford cleaning prides itself in not placing any cleaner with the client until they have been properly reference checked.

It is not easy to obtain work as a Maid2Clean Telford cleaner as a detailed applications process needs to be undertaken from jobs found online in order to ascertain that the cleaner is reliable honest and suitable to place in the client’s home and wear a Maid2Clean ID badge. Cleaners generally apply to us over the internet via our online recruitment portal Nationwide-Cleaners.

A home maids domestic cleaning business such as the Maid2clean Telford cleaning agency carries out a number of background activities on behalf of residential householders that need help with their cleaning. Only Telford cleaners that have demonstrated references of good standing, reliability, integrity and trustworthiness get to the stage of ever meeting a domestic cleaning client. Our clients expect someone that can clean well to a high standard in addition to trusting them with their keys if necessary.

Telford cleaning clients tell us regularly how delightful it is to come home to a clean sparkling home. How right they are! Frequently homeowners leave comprehensive cleaning wish lists for the Maid2Clean Telford cleaners to work through whilst they are at work.

Our reputation is all we have and the same goes for our cleaners. That’s why if a client is not happy with the cleaning service they don’t pay the worker. Fortunately this does not happen very often as the cleaners that we provide are good enough to earn their wages. Like Maid2Clean, our introduced cleaners are very keen to ensure that their clients are happy when they return home from work.

Maid2Clean Telford cleaning can also provide the regular one-off jobs people need occasionally. Maid2Clean Telford aims to provide a professional cleaning agency service alongside a reliable and honest cleaner that will provide a quality cleaning service for our clients. It is not just regular weekly cleans that’s provided by cleaners of Maid2Clean Telford.

Due to the fact that Maid2Clean Telford cleaning is a Management agency responsible for specific tasks supporting your house clean, rather than a cleaning business, we can pass on many savings to our customers. It is not unusual for customers in Telford to tell us that they save money dealing with us compared to our cleaning competitors.

Maid2Clean Telford ultimately furnishes the clients with six services alongside the cleaning service, where we take the headache out of managing the householders cleaning needs.

  1. Sourcing ironers and cleaners on behalf of our clients.
  2. Travelling to the cleaners home to establish the quality of her clean when conducting a face-to-face interview
  3. Taking photographs of a cleaner at the Telford property for ID purposes.
  4. Putting together the right choice of cleaner bearing in mind the requests of the client.
  5. Maid2Clean is insured even if some of our clients are not, so clients can relax.
  6. Maid2Clean Telford covers your cleaner if the maid is unable to work for a particular reason.

The demand for cleaning residential home services has increased every year for the last 20 years as more and more people go out to work to service the lifestyles they need. Maid2Clean Telford cleaning is seen as an invaluable help to our busy client base.

Local Telford householder customers expect the cleaners that we provide to them to be from the local Telford area. Experience has shown that the more local the cleaner is and the more reliable the happier the domestic cleaning customer.

Our Telford cleaning clients look for value in our service. Maid2Clean Telford is in the business of providing cleaners that use the cleaning equipment and cleaning products provided by their residential clients.  This results in substantial saving over the costs would be paid to a traditional cleaning business.

We do receive many cleaning requests from commercial organisations and if we can accommodate them we do. If you require a cleaning service it is a call and we will be able to tell you if we can service your needs.

We clean and iron inside private residences and homes throughout the Telford cleaning area.  Such activities can include vacuuming, mopping, internal paintwork and Windows, sanitizing worksurfaces, toilet and bathroom cleansing.  If you are unsure about whether your requirements will be accommodated please call us.

We can help you find the right cleaner for you. Having the same reliable, honest Telford cleaning service week in week out for many months or years is what we specialise in. Unlike our competitors who will send in numerous individual teams of cleaners, our goal is to find a cleaner that come where would you in the long term and thereby negating the need for concern over multiple replacement.

From late 2 million homes that have had a clean date, we know our business!  

Service and happy clients is what we are about! Our reputation depends on it.

Key differentiators of Maid2Clean Telford cleaning are shown below:  

  1. You agency fees will remain static for as long as you continue to use a cleaner for the same number of hours
  1. Maid2clean Telford is an environmentally friendly company without equipment, vans, materials.  
  2. We use recycled flyers and deliver them by hand.
  3. We want you to be happy with a singular cleaner and recognise  that suits you from a security perspective.
  4. Every Telford domestic maid cleaner is accented only after an initial application and interviewing system.
  5. Our clients use us in the long-term.
  6. Don’t pay the worker if you don’t get good cleaning service!



We cover all the Telford post-code areas & sectors in addition to the following areas.


other Maid2Clean services
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Ditherington Telford
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Llangynog / Hirnant
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Selattyn / Pentre Pant
SY10 8
Llanymynech Maesbrook
SY10 9
Oswestry Treflach
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St Martins
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Hordlet, Rednall Whittington
SY12 0
Newton, Whitemere Coalmere
SY12 9
Ellesmere Rural
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SY13 4
Newhall Burleydam
SY14 7
SY14 8
Chorlton, cuddington Overton
SY2 5
Hetherson Gteen
SY2 6
SY3 0
Rea Brook
SY3 5
Bicton Heath
SY3 6
Sweet Lake
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Montford Bridge, Bicton
SY3 9
Sweet Lake
SY4 1
Felton Butler
SY4 2
Milford Prescott
SY4 3
Harmer Hill
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SY5 6
Eyton on Severn
SY5 7
Ruckley & Lagley
SY5 8
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Stretton Heath, Westbury
SY6 6
All Stretton
SY6 7
Wall under Heywood
TF1 1
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Tf1 4
Ketley Bank
TF1 5
TF1 6
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Wrockwardine Wood & Trench
TF10 7
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Standford Bridge
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TF11 8
Burlington Pool
TF11 9
Hinnington Kemberton
TF12 5
TF13 6
TF2 0
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St Georges & Priorslee
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St Georges
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Old Park
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DawleY Hamlets
TF5 0
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Ercall Magna / sleap
TF7 4
TF7 5
TF8 7
The Gorge
TF9 1
Market Drayton
TF9 2
Moreton Say, Longward
TF9 3
Market Drayton - Longford Turning
TF9 4
WheatonAston, Stretton, Horsebrook, Brewood,
KiddemoreGreen, Bishops Wood, Blymhill Lawn
Burlington Pool
Lower Haven Hills, Grindle Forge
WV 3 -9
WV 4- 6
WV 5- 0
WV 6- 0
WV 8- 1
Codsall, Chiilington
Heath Town
Slade Heath, Feathersone
WV11- 2
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Castree, Worfield
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Goldthorne Park
Tettenhall Wood

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